Re: W3C validator can't fetch my webpage

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Subject: Re: W3C validator can't fetch my webpage
Posted by:  Els (els.aNOSP…
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005

Gustaf wrote:

> I just installed Apache on my computer so I can test pages before
> sending them to my ISP. For some reason, neither nor
> will find my page. When I go to it says
> I currently got this IP:
> So this must be the "outbound" IP from my computer. And I can load that
> IP in a browser and see my page, but none of the above mentioned pages
> can fetch it. What's wrong? :-(
> If you go there, you should see 3 greetings in various languages.

I can ping that number, but there is no webpage.
Are you behind a router that isn't set to route HTTP requests to your
PC? Or a firewall that hasn't got port 80 open?

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