Making money using a recipe and paypal

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Subject: Making money using a recipe and paypal
Posted by:  DaStewMasta (
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005

A little while back, I was browsing through message boards, just lik
this one, and I came up with a fantastic idea. If you can mak
thousands of dollars within weeks with only an initial investment o
$6.00 just by being added to some ones list, what about sellin
recipes for $2.00? Just a basic recipe. . .any recipe. All you do i
send $2.00 to each of the following e-mails on the list, stated a
the end of this article using Paypal (our new form of transferrin
money safely and securely) and they will send you their recipe (b
e-mail). You don’t have to be preferred or verified to transfer an
receive money, so you lose no money through transfers. Now honestly
what is six dollars, especially out of a Paypal account. In exchang
you will make thousands in the first few months. You then place you
own email address (registered for Paypal transfers) in the bottom o
the list at #3, and post the article in at least 200 message board
or newsgroups. (There are thousands of message boards
newsgroups) No catch, that’s it! So after thinking it over, an
talking to a few people first, I thought about it and then did it.
sent out my measly $6.00 to the 3 people on the list. Well GUES
WHAT!!... I got results. Within 7 days, you should begin to star
seeing results, just like the other programs. The CASH will jus
keeps coming in and you keep sending out your recipes as it does. I
your first week you should make about about $25.00. By the end of th
second week it should be about $1,000.00! In the third week it shoul
be about $15,000.00 and it goes on and on. By the fourth week yo
should tip the scale at about $26,000.00 and it keeps growing. It'
certainly worth $6.00 and 6 minutes to send it out. This progra
WORKS, all you have to do is try it, and waste some pocket change
You could find six dollars lying around the house. There i
absolutely nothing you could lose. Just follow the 4 basic step
below to make thousands in just a few days, weeks, or months, it al
depends on how many posts of this letter you put in message boards.

Here’s how it works:
When you post 200 messages all over the Internet, it is estimated tha
at least 15 people will respond and send you $2.00. ($30.00) Those 1
will Post 200 Posts each and 225 people send you $2.00 ($450.00
Those 225 people Post 200 Posts each and 3,375 people send you $2.0
($6750.00) Those 3,375 post 200 posts each and 759,375 people sen
you $2.00 ($1,518,750.00) At this point your name drops off the list
but so far you have received $1,525,920.00. THAT’S CRAZY!! Bu
possible! Note: I'm not saying this is going to make everyone
million dollars, but lets say even 1 person out of 200 tries thi
program, you are still going to make $50,000 dollars in anywhere fro
1 month to 6 months max!!!!!
And go to the instructions below to get started immediately. You mus
send out 6 dollars to the people at the end of the letter befor
swapping your name in, or else those 3 people will not add you t
there list, therefore you will not make any money.

1. Immediately send $2.00 to each of the 3 people on the list usin
Paypal, and in the comment section type "Please send me your recip
and add me to your list". Here are the emails that you transfer th
money into:

Paypal accounts to send $2 dollars to :
#1) elder_wa…
#2) jamie_…
#3) jgarb…

2. Now Copy this letter. All you have to do is save this whole articl
along with instructions, etc in a word file/note pad on your computer

3. After sending the money to the first 3 people on the list, you ca
remove the name next to the #1 on the list and move the rest of th
names up one position (#2 becomes #1, #3 becomes #2, etc?) Then plac
your name in the #3 position. Then save it.

4. When you have completed the instructions, take this letter and the
go to (Google, Yahoo,...) and type in (Making Money Message board
Money Message Board, Money Forum, Free money Forum, or anything alon
those lines that are forums) and start posting your copy of this
message at least 200 times, to as many unique message boards as you
can, or more. The more times you post this at a unique board, the
more money you will make. The more copies you send the better the
results. Keep a copy of this letter so you can use it a second time.
Post it out again in six months, but Post it with the addresses you
receive with each $2 dollars. It will work better the second time.
NOTE: This service is 100% legal because you are selling a product
(recipes) (Refer to title 18 section 1302 of the U.S. Postal &
lottery laws)

P.S. There is no possible way to cheat this program. If you do not
follow the instructions exactly, you will not make any money,

REMEMBER AGAIN- after you've sent $2 dollars to each of these people,
then you can add your Paypal name (e-mail) to the 3rd position, and
move the rest up one spot.

At the end, not only will you be RICH, but you will have a great cyber
cook book!

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