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Subject: Re: Embed Tag
Posted by:  Andy Dingley (dingb…
Date: Sun, 04 Dec 2005

On Sun, 04 Dec 2005 19:32:14 GMT, "Cowan Services" <cow…>

>I am trying to bring some HTML pages w/embedded .WMV files into W3C
>compliance. Right now, they use the <embed> tag and are therefore not

IMHO, stick with <embed>

Now I'm no expert here - if anyone can improve my knowledge, I'd be
_delighted_ to hear about it. But last time I asked and searched I found
a lot of advice on Flash and nothing about video.

The problem with <object>  (AFAIK) is that it's too centred around the
player _application_ and doesn't have any obvious way to indicate
"here's a WMV document, deal with it according to local configuration".
OTOH, <embed> works fine in this way.  Now for a proprietary format like
Flash, <object> is great because you have a good indication what's going
to be dealing with it and it's the maker's problem to keep the player
applications working and compatible. Video and music standards though
are just too diverse in their players for this to be viable. Besides
which, why should I force a particular player onto a user who has set
their default to be another?

<embed> is simple and it works. It offers an advantage that I can't
replicate with <object>. Given the general behaviour for web standards,
<embed> is going to keep working for the forseeable future with any
browser agent that isn't just a rigid validator.  So for my purposes,
<embed> is on my short list of permitted fragments where I deliberately
sacrifice validity.


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