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Subject: Valid HTML Tutorial
Posted by:  Safalra (usen…
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005

When a poster in a forum I frequent said they were beginning to learn HTML,
I thought I should direct them to a good HTML tutorial so that they
wouldn't start using <blink> and the like. Remembering that this group has
discussed HTML tutorials several times in the past, I searched the Google
Groups archives, but all I can find are tutorials unfortunately
demonstrating Flavell's Law. Searching the internet, the only accurate
tutorials for valid HTML I can find are very basic. Ideally I'd like
something meeting the following criteria:

- teaches valid HTML, including the rarer elements
- covers browser compatibility issues (such as <abbr> and <acronym>)
- addresses accessibility issues (such as alt text)
- mentions some usability issues (such as navigation)
- covers (at least in basic form) formatting using CSS

Is there a tutorial (or even a couple of tutorials) that covers all of
this, or will I have to write one myself?

Safalra (Stephen Morley)