Re: Which editor do you use to write HTML?

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Subject: Re: Which editor do you use to write HTML?
Posted by:  Ian Rastall (idrasta…
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005

On 9 Dec 2005 07:32:57 -0800, "Viken Karaguesian" <vikeā€¦>

>I'm just wondering what you all use to write and edit your HTML and
>organize your websites.

Hey Viken. I use NoteTab Pro for everything, except FTP, with which I
use WS_FTP Pro. NoteTab is a wonderful text editor:

I couldn't even begin to list all the things it does, though syntax
highlighting is one of them. Their global search and replace is
excellent. It takes less than a minute to replace something in 2500 or
so files, as I've had to do. A few files is instantaneous. It has HTML
TIdy built in, as well as an interesting macro language in which you
write "clips" that automate certain tasks. The tabbed interface is
nice, too. So is the small footprint.

The main thing with any text editor is that it won't mess with your
code. Some of them are more robust than NoteTab, like JEdit, but I
found I didn't like what JEdit offered, and the plug-in system was
confusing. I generally don't like programs written in Java anyway, but
you didn't hear that from me. :-)




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