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Subject: Re: Which editor do you use to write HTML?
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Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005

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> Hello everyone,
> I'm just wondering what you all use to write and edit your HTML and
> organize your websites. I currently use Microsoft Frontpage 2003.  Hold
> on! Before you all jump on me for using a Microsoft product, hear me
> out!  :>)  Where I used to use Frontpage in WYSISYG mode, I have
> completely forgone that and now use it in text edit mode. It's actually
> a pretty powerful html editor.
> There are certain features that Frontpage has that I really like and am
> wondering if there are other editors that will do the same thing as
> well or better than Frontpage.  Here are some features that I like:
> 1) Color coded editing: HTML tags have a different color (purple). So
> do attributes (red) and their text (blue). So <p style="text-align:
> left"> would look like: <p (purple) style=(red)"text-align: left">
> (blue).If you mis-type or forget a quotation, all the colors change to
> "mistake" mode (all red), providing an easy visual that something is
> wrong.
> 2) Keystoke based code snippets: By pressing CTRL-ENTER, I can easily
> insert snippets of frequently used code (like Doctype declarations) to
> save typing time.
> 3) Tag finders/selectors: If I think I have a wayward start or end tag
> and can choose that tag and select "find matching tag". Same goes with
> braces, etc.
> 4) I can use the Microsoft "Find/Replace" feature to change/replace/add
> sections of code to multiple pages at a time. For instance, if I wanted
> to replace my Transitonal Doctype with the Strict Doctype throughout
> the whole website, I can use Find/Replace to change it in all the
> pages,  just selected pages, or just the open pages. If I wanted to
> change <div class="today"> to <div class="tomorrow">, I can use
> Find/Replace to replace that code throughout the site.
> 5) Site management tools: Frontpage keeps track of all the
> files/hyperlinks and website structure. If I change a file name, it
> will let me know how many pages are linked to that file and ask if I
> want to update the links with the new file name. It will do the same if
> I move the file to a new folder.
> 6) Visual, flow-chart style view of the website so you can see how the
> site is layed out and how it flows.
> 7) Built-in FTP feature that will upload for your. Keeps track of
> changes and gives you the option of only uploading changed files.
> Compares local copy with published copy and tells you of any
> mismatches.
> Those are some of the features that I like. What other HTML editors or
> site-management suites do the same types of things? What do you all
> use? I'm wondering if what else there is out there (besides Macromedia
> Dream Weaver) that I may possibly switch to?
> Looking forward to hearing from you all...
> Viken K.
I would strongly recommend HTML-Kit  Free, fully
configurable with an amazing number of plug-ins for any purpose.



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