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Subject: Line dividers
Posted by:  Daniel Kaplan (NoSP…
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005

First off thanks to those that helped me with my background image  on a
form, topic...

"Manipulating a forms input border"

I finally opted for spilting my image up into a table, and it pretty much
stays the same even when Text is changed.  Fortunatly it's a simple image,
therefore it's ok.

I have another question, I would like to divide items on my main viewport
with a very thin line, that goes across the entire page.  The thing is I
need to be able to specify a height (like 1).

Is there a Property out there that I can use?  Table is out, since it would
give me a very thing rectangle, and I want a line.  I looked in the Property
links you all sent me, a very usefull tool I might add, but can't seem to
find the right way.