Validation of ASP.Net page - name attribute of form tag

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Subject: Validation of ASP.Net page - name attribute of form tag
Posted by:  Inta_Rob (robinbet…
Date: 25 May 2006

Hi all,

I'm writing a site using C#/ASP.Net 2.0 and trying to make the
resulting code valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, and i'm running into problem
with the auto generation of the <form> tag.

Originally ASP.Net was automatically genarating a "name" attribute that
was failing the validation.  Then I added:
    <xhtmlConformance mode="Strict" />
to the Web.config file, and stopped the attribute being generated.

If I access the W3C validator via Opera (Ctrl+Alt+V) then it passes!

However... If I go directly to and put in the URL, it
fails! Saying that the <form> tag has a "name" attribute!!!

Has anyone come across this, or know how to fix it.  I suppose that I
shouldn't really be too worried about it as, if I copy and paste the
code from a browser's View Source, and paste that into the validator,
it passes.  But it just looks a bit bad if you put a WC3 XHTML 1.0
Valid logo on your site, and then clicking that brings up a big red
page saying INVALID!!

Thanks in advance!