Need recommendation for VISUAL (!) HTML-Editor ?

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Subject: Need recommendation for VISUAL (!) HTML-Editor ?
Posted by:  Wladimir Borsov (wladimi…
Date: 29 May 2006

Unfortunately most of the so called "HTML-editors" offer only support for the basic HTML
code editing (syntax highlighting and verification,...)

What I need is a VISUAL editing tool (especially for cut & paste).

Assume I have a given html page (with pictures, javascript and external CSS style sheet)
maybe in a *.mht or separate files (for *.html, *.css, *.jpg).

Now I want to load this html page into the editor, then visually (!!!)
cut/delete some marked textual or picture parts and finally save the remaining part together with
the necessary *.css and other stuff into a new *.mht or *.html file.

Similarly I want occasionally to insert visually some text into an existing html code.

Is there a HTML editor with such a feature?