non-ssl to SSL and back again how to?

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Subject: non-ssl to SSL and back again how to?
Posted by:  bobmct (r.mariott…@fdcx.netX)
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006

Sorry for this basic question but I'm having a "conceptual" moment and I
thought some help was in order!

(FWIW I am doing site development in PHP to run on Apache2)

In my program I generate and process multiple pages quite successfully on a
multiple named virtual server host.  ONE of those virtual servers is SSL
enabled so it is designated as the defacto secured page site (i.e: takes
credit cards, etc).

I've been using the variable ($PHP_SELF) to refer to the myself (the
program) in a "generic" way so it will work on the "development" as well as
the "staging/production" servers.

When the time comes to process the next page as secured I've coded the
form's action tag to reference the "https://" phrase along with the url of
the secured site.  So far this works.

My issue is that of RETURNING to the non-secured site.

I don't wish to 'hard code' the return URL because I then loose the
ambiguity of where this is coming from/returning to.  Therefore, can
someone perhaps recommend a method to return to the "sending" site OR maybe
just as easily explain a method to accomplish this another way?

I am all ears (well, eyes!).

Thanks all,