how to specify often-used text just once?

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Subject: how to specify often-used text just once?
Posted by:  Sander van der Wal (svdw…
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007

Is it possible to specify in a html document that you want to resue a piece
of text?

For instance, I have a navigation bar with links. This navigation bar will
be used on all the webpages. AFAIK, this can only be done by putting the
navigation bar itself in all the html douments. So as soon as something
changes in the navigation bar, you need to fix this in all your pages. Also,
this is for static text, no scripts, no server support.

With CSS is is possible to do thinks that look a bit like this, you can
reuse background images. I am looking for something like this, but then for
foregound text.

It looks like it's not possible, but I could have overlooked something.

Sander van der Wal