URL Redirection problems

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Subject: URL Redirection problems
Posted by:  Massimo Fabbri (mfabbri_SAY_NO_TO_SPA…@tiscali.it)
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007

Maybe it's a little OT, but I'll give it try anyway....

I was asked to maintain and further develop an already existing small
company's web site.

I know the golden rule of "eternal" URIs, but in this case changing them
cannot be avoided as they were badly chosen when thwe site was first
delevoped: URLs with spaces, typos, etc. So I have to use new URLs and
put the content in them.

This causes two problems:
- 404 errors for users who have bookmarked this company's web pages
- (and *most importantly*) current pages are indexed on Google and other
search engines. Changing URLs abruptly creates obvious search engine
positioning and ranking problems.

Simple, some may say, there are *various* URL redirection techniques hat
are both transparent to the users and well accepted by search engines
(particularly 301 - Permanent redirection). Unfortunately, I don't have
access to the web server config file and, as this is a rather cheap
hosting, even though it runs on apache, I cannot cerate a .htaccess file
and put my redirections there.

Apart from changing hosting provider (which cannot be done at the
moment) or using html or javascript redirection (which is a big no no
for search engines) how can I solve this problem?