'google' 2

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Subject: 'google' 2
Posted by:  tatata99…@gmail.com
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007

The first generation of web site search engine hands-down is google.
A majority of these web
sites are static page -driven html pages.

Now, I would think more and more web-based applications are coming
into the fray, my recent
experience with google's webbot (indexing engine, a part of the
google's search service) tells
me that its indexing algorithm does not consider a database-driven web
application as part of
a qualified 'web site'.  Minicking it as a html site is like a man
trying to dress in skirt,
oh, my poor Scotsman... Hence, I believe a service that would evaluate
and index web apps
(database-driven, xml-based or what not) vs. the plain HTML -driven
web sites would be
valuable to both consumers and businesses.  Or maybe there's already
such a service out there?