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Subject: automatically create multiple web pages
Posted by:  larryawa…
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008

I need the ability to automate the creation of 500 similar webpages
for an educational site.  Let=92s say approximately 100 lessons with
each lesson having 3-5 pages.  I already have a program that allows me
to create a template and merge in files.  The body of each webpage
will include a line of text and a picture.

Let=92s say I will have a Folder on my computer called Text with files
called Lesson1a.txt, Lesson1b.txt, Lesson1c.txt, Lesson2a.txt,
Lesson2b.txt, Lesson2c.txt, Lesson2d.txt,=85etc.  Then a similar Folder
for the Images =96 Image1a.jpg, Image1b.jpg,=85etc.

Is there a program or routine that can go through the Text folder and
create a file for each entry.  Let=92s say the files that are created
are called, Lesson1b,it,=85etc.  The program or routine
would create file with contents like:

<p align=3D"center"><font size=3D"6">Lesson1a.txt</font></p>  (The routine
would need to place the contents of Lesson1a.txt into the file.)

<img  src=3D"Lesson1a.jpg" alt=3D"" border=3D"0"  width=3D"180">  (The routi=
would need to place the text =93Lesson1a.jpg=94 into the file.)

It would then create the file and then continue on for
each file entry in the Folder.