Re: aPossible to Make A "Dummy" Anchor Tag **without** Jumping Back Up???

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Subject: Re: aPossible to Make A "Dummy" Anchor Tag **without** Jumping Back Up???
Posted by:  Jukka K. Korpela (jkorpe…
Date: Fri, 2 May 2008

Scripsit Prisoner at War:

> Hi, People,

People just left after noticing your pointless crossposting without even
setting followups and your continued violation of netiquette when you
comment without quoting what you are responding to. Stay tuned to
getting ignored in future unless you learn some habits.

> Is it possible to have an "empty" or "dummy" <a href> ***without***
> the browser jumping back up the page??

Yes, <a href="#foo" name="foo">. But why would you do that? It's 100.1%
certain that you don't understand what your real problem is and that you
are consequently creating new problems.

> I have a hyperlink that doesn't point to another document, but is used
> to call forth a modal window onClick

So what made you use a link when you don't want to link?

> (or is there another way, without
> text or image links, of calling forth JavaScript on user activity??).

Yes of course. Read any introduction to basics of the elements of using
client-side scripting on www pages. Make sure it's a modern one that
discusses the problem "how do I create the <input type="button"> element
dynamically so that it does not appear when it does not work, i.e. when
scripting is disabled?".

> I would like to spare my visitors the inconvenience and visually
> jarring effect of getting thrown back up to the top of the page!  =(

Spare them the nasty effects of creating new windows for them.

Followups set to alt.html.

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")


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