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Subject: <applet> replacement by <object> does not work
Posted by:  Susanne Grabe (sgra…
Date: 11 Mar 2010

During a re-design of an old web page I replaced the following code:

    codebase="classes" code=Logo.class
    <param name=image value="images/logo.jpg">
    <param name=overlay value="images/logosub.gif">
    <param name=href value="target.html">

by the following code:

<object src="classes/Logo.class"
    width="320" height="610">
    <param name="image" value="images/logo.jpg">
    <param name="overlay" value="images/logosub.gif">
    <param name="href" value="target.html">
    no java enabled

While the old web page shows successfully the Java applet the new one does not.

At least not when I drag the html file from WinExplorer onto the Internet Explorer.

Can I define relative class pathes with the <OBJECT> tag at all?

Moreover I found docs which suggest to use:

codetype="application/java" classid="..."

instead of:

src="classes/Logo.class" srctype="application/x-java-applet"

So what is the difference?