Error: Stray start tag script.

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Subject: Error: Stray start tag script.
Posted by:  dale (da…
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2019


I am getting a HTML error when I use the W3C Nu checker on my site


Error: Stray start tag script.
From line 105, column 2; to line 105, column 9
</body>↩↩    <script>'undef

while I am searching for lines, columns and potential syntax errors,
could anyone find the solution?

Note, I have a CSS for my main 5 pages. Error seems to have just showed
up lately.

There is an HTML and CSS checker button on each page. No errors when I
run the CSS checker on each page.

Occurs on Windows 10 with same error on Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer
and Firefox browsers.

You can find the CSS scripts and code for all pages on:


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