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Subject: responsive navigator
Posted by:  dale (da…
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2019


I have implemented W3 Schools responsive navigator bar in my CSS file


you can see how the bar works in the site in my signature

for computer sizes the bar is vertical on the left hand side and the bar
stays in the same place regardless of scrolling, no issues here

for pad sizes the bar is horizontal on the top, but when I scroll down
the bar disappears, you can see this by shrinking a computer screen

for phone sizes the bar itself is stacked on the top, again you can see
this by horizontal shrinking on a computer, it disappears when you
scroll down but this is okay because a phone wouldn't have size for bar
and content

I'd like the horizontal bar to be fixed in place.

Any help for a hacker? I can reword some of this if it doesn't make
sense. I don't want to use javascript.

dale -