some simple video edits

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Subject: some simple video edits
Posted by:  dale (da…
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2020


I can use the Windows "Camera" app to capture *.mp4 videos to my suiting.

I used to have an app on Windows, might have been VLC, to get an *.ogg
from the *.mp4 for Linux viewers of my website. I think when I was using
what I think was VLC I had to edit properties so the *.ogg would be
recognized as video as opposed to audio.

Any recommendations for *.mp4 to *.ogg conversion?

I also want to do two simple color edits I used to be able to do before
I updated my laptop to Windows 10 and erased the native HP editor.

Here is what I am doing ...

(Have a look at the source to see where *.ogg fits in)

The top video is the look I want. The bottom two videos are where I am
starting. Basically switch color to grey-scale then increase contrast so
the video has focus on my face.

Any recommendations for these two simple edits?

Minister Dale Kelly, Ph.D.
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
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