Talking about me : Why use static web-site generators?

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Subject: Talking about me : Why use static web-site generators?
Posted by:  Michael Uplawski (michael.uplaws…
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2021

Good morning

the bizarre subject line is there for a reason: I know nothing about
static web-site generators. What I want to know is – however – closely
related to what I *do know* ...

I have been writing HTML and CSS for as long as I have an Internet
connection, meaning for about 20 to 25 years. I know enough JavaScript
to do what I want and a lot of stuff that I *thought I want* but turned
out to be utterly useless.

Once I was a professional software-developer... it still makes me laugh.
But anyway, I contributed to – and actively participated in the
development of multi-tier Web-applications, using a diversity of tools
and frameworks, the full functionality of which has never been
exploited, but mostly avoided, as bits and parts of other libraries and
frameworks appeared better suited for a specific task.., while most of
the functionality of the second framework or library was ignored...

I do not ever want to do that again!! Especially not in my private
endeavours to publish tiny bits of information, once in a while.

Can you think of a reason for me to try a static web-site generator?

The fact is, I have to oversee a shovel excavator root out a bunch of
trees and must occupy my mind with something.



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