Another footnote/end-note conversion question

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Subject: Another footnote/end-note conversion question
Posted by:  Robert Prins (robe…
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2021

I'm sorry if this is (somewhat, or even completely) off-topic, but there don't
seem to be any newsgroups (*publish* or *text*) that that seem more appropriate.

If you go to
and click on the "1)" link you will go to the footnote-converted-to-endnote, and
from there the "up-arrow" takes you back, and back means just the line
containing the "1)", for me showing just "begreift.1)"

What is your opinion about changing the refer-back link to the start of the
paragraph containing the actual link to the foot-/endnote. For me it would seem
a bit more logical, on paper both would be on the same page, so the original
context would be in view.

Note that the conversion of footnotes to end-notes is still a WIP!

Any other remarks about the formatting, whether positive or negative, would also
be appreciated, and any suggestions as to how to get rid of the vast amount of
"pem" attributes on some tables would be most welcome, I tried to define
additional combined selectors, but to no avail, and I haven't got a clue (at
all/any more) as to why I ever used "table, td" in the first place.


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