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Subject: Web Q/A Work
Posted by:  eric rosen (ericzy…@earthlink.net)
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003

Here is a topic which may be of interest to readers of this newsgroup. I
work for a Science Museum which has recently redesigned its web site.  I
would like to test and debug a 700-1500 page HTML web site Completed in
Dreamweaver before it goes online, but having never completed q/a work for a
site of this magnitude,I am unsure how to proceed with the work.

From what I can gather, both the code  and its compatibility with different
versions of web browser should be checked out.

What is the best software to use to error check and format HTML code?

Dreamweaver has debugging tools built in that I've considered using, but I'd
like to know if something stronger isn't available.

Which versions would make up a testing suite for mac and pc ?

I've been under the impression that compatibility testing is simply a matter
of testing out the site in different browsers. A decision has been made that
the site will not be checked for compatibility before Netscape 4.7, IE 5. It
would be nice to know for sure which releases and variants of Netscape/IE
should make up a compatibility test suite. Any thoughts about this would
make the result of the testing more accurate.

It's also unclear what other factors should be considered as part of the q/a
process for the site.

Any thoughts on the subject of q/a work with web sites would be truly

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