using layers in conjunction with posting forms.

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Subject: using layers in conjunction with posting forms.
Posted by:  Nick Tew (nick.t…
Date: 21 Dec 2003

Is there any way to post a form in a layer and have the information
refresh in the same layer without refreshing the page?

To explain, if i use, say, three layers (DIV layers) on a page. One is
the sites menu on the left hand side (always needs to be there), one
is a layer which i want the user to be able to turn on and off
themselves and it has plain text in it (which i can get to do), and
one is a layer with a form in it with conforms with a server side

If a user submits this form from the latter layer, new information
appears in the same i want it too. However, to do this,
the page is reloaded, and therefore the layer which the user can turn
off will re-appear (if turned off). Is it possible for the layer to
reload without the page reloading and therefore not affecting the
other two layers?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. If you want to, i am willing to
ring anyone if its easier for you. Thanks