whats the deal with all the turnkey websites for auction?

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Subject: whats the deal with all the turnkey websites for auction?
Posted by:  Mike Judkins (mikeyjudki…@yahoo.com)
Date: 21 Jun 2004

hey All,

6 year web development/design industry professional here. Recently Ive
been looking for some additional non labor-and-time intensive ways to
generate cash flow (arent we all), and of course given my profession,
the first thing that somes to mind is to build some type of site that
would generate residual income automatically via the usual avenues.

Leading to my topic of discussion, as I was going through my discovery
process, I became aware of the multitude (hundreds of auctions ending
daily) of websites for sale on ebay and am intrigued by the amount of
sellers peddling their cookie cutter websites touting that you can get
rich quick just sitting back and pressing the go button.

I have to wonder why some are selling the same sites, albeit in
different skins and niche markets, over and over again. I find myself
asking if their site can make them so much money, why dont they do it
themselves? To me, its got all the markings of a scam, yet most of
these guys have been doing it now for years, and Im oddly drawn to the
possibility that some may be geniunely good investments.

Of course, mostly this is BECAUSE I am a web developer by trade, which
I feel may put me in a better position to understand how some of these
things work. If these sites are indeed bastard children once purchased
(mostly they do appear so), I like to think with my knowledge and
skills, I'd be able to turn it into the real deal with a reasonable
amount of effort. Reasonable meaning, I dont need to quit my day job.

Anyhow, I'd like to get some peoples thoughts on the topic, and maybe
some even have some first hand experience in the matter that they'de
be willing to share. Looking forward to hearing....

Mike Judkins