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Subject: Re: Looking for info on a mouseover "crosshair" image
Posted by:  Mark Tranchant (ma…
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004

Claude wrote:

> Or something that looks similar. The small image I'm thinking of stays in
> view - it remains at the same place on the screen - usually on the right
> side bottom - and does not scroll with the page contents. On mouseover, the
> image changes to reveal a short text, such as: "Click here to send message."
> or another message.

So how does the user know what it does without mousing over it?
What about users with text browsers - what will they see?
If the user doesn't have a mouse, what does "click here" mean?

Why not a recognizable icon like an envelope with a small "contact" text

> Now I'd like to know how to design an item similar to it, but I don't know
> what kind of code I'm looking for. I don't know if this is made with
> Macromedia's Flash or a dhtml code - or - does anyone know?

I'd suggest a separate <div> using CSS position: fixed;. IE won't
support it without some hackery, which may be a problem for you.

Flash would make the page unnecessarily heavy, and DHTML can get very
messy to support all browsers properly.

Take a look at my site using Mozilla or Firefox. I use fixed positioning
for my menu and header bar: you'll need to find a long enough page to
scroll to see the effect. As I said, it won't work in IE.

Degrades nicely into scrolling content on non-supporting browsers and
plain text suitably ordered in the source for text browsers.



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