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Subject: Re: Shopping Cart recommendations
Posted by:  Fat Sam (janetandm…
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004

"Kerberos" <…> wrote in message
> A customer wants me to implement a shopping cart to sell law books.
> I have done a research, but didn't find a killing application so far. The
> one I found best was osCommerce, but the project seems abandonned somehow.
> I also found ZenCart, but it won't work with all browsers, it's terrible.
> So... I don't know, if you have recommendations, they're welcome. I prefer
> open-source software, and preferably with support for Brazilian
> Thanks,

I'd personally recommend hand coding.....Whichever server side scripting
language you prefer to work in.....
I've built countless shopping carts in th epast using ASP, and to be honest,
it's a lot easier than most people realise.....And it has the advantage that
the end product is 100% tailored to your needs....It's coded from the ground
up with your needs in mind....An off the shelf package will always feel
somewhat *shoehorned* to fit your needs.....


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