Add Mac- and PC-friendly clocks to a site?

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Subject: Add Mac- and PC-friendly clocks to a site?
Posted by:  stevec… (stevec…
Date: 14 Feb 2005

I have a customer who wants clocks for several time zones to display on
her site.  We found a Java clock that displays the time for three
cities based on the client computer's internal clock and internal time

It works beautifully if the client computer is a PC.  On Macs
(depending which browser you use) the clocks either don't display at
all or they show a time that bears no clear relationship to the
machine's internal time.  It's not even off by an even number of hours,
and different Macs running different OS's display different times.

Is there a platform-neutral solution to this?

Thank you in advance for your wise counsel.

Steven Capsuto
Philadelphia, PA, USA