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Subject: opera nightmare
Posted by:  Henri Baeyens (henri.baeye…@wanadoo.fr)
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005


I'm developping a a website and having troubles with Opera (version 7). The
layout of each page uses css-defined blocks, it's a regular
header/3-columns/footer affair. Each of the 3 columns (div) gets its content
from an external file called with the php require_once function. Since each
column is defined (via css) as having a color bg and a 1px border of another
color, I want each one to have the same height as the others (otherwise it
fucks up the whole look of the page). I do that via a javascript function
which gets the height of each column, determines which one is the highest,
and change the height of the other 2 columns accordingly.
Now, this works on my tow testing browsers, Firefox 1 and Explorer 6 (it
should perhaps be notted the I restrict myself to strictly DOM savvy
browsers). And I decided to see if my pages would display properly on Opera.
The problem here is not with the css, but with the part that "equalizes" the
columns. Opera cannot give me the correct height of the longest column.
Well, sometime it does but mosttimes it don't. And I cannot figure out the
reason of this unfortunate behaviour.
Should I just ditch Opera? Anybody ever heard of a similar problem?

tia for any ideas


Henri Baeyens
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