How to become a domain registrar

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Subject: How to become a domain registrar
Posted by:  somewhereh…
Date: 23 May 2005

Dear All,

We are going to start a web hosting companies.
Now there are hundreds of companies that do this, so I dont understand
why I am finding it so hard to find how to do this.
We want to provide domain registration for UK domains. Researching
Nominet I've found that we can do this programmatically.
But most domain registration companies provide you with the facility to
change the DNS set up, and webforwarding, etc options for this.
Nominet havent been to helpful on this.

I also thought that there is probably some software out there that
could probably do all of the hard work for us regarding account
Does anybody have any information or links that could help me on how to
get up and running as a domain registration company?

Many thanks