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Subject: Re: Embedding fonts
Posted by:  GĂ©rard_Talbot
Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2005

Adam Smith wrote :
> Hello,
> How can I embed fonts in my web pages such that the pages have a uniform
> appearance across all browsers (Netscape, IE & Opera),

Not possible for Netscape nor Opera nor Safari nor Mozilla-based
browsers for now. Don't expect webfonts to be supported in near future
by those browsers.

across all
> platforms, IRIX, Win 2K, SP etc.

Not possible. Only IE 5+ under several conditions.

whether or not the platform has the
> font installed. I am using style sheets, which should help.
> Thanks
> --  Adam  --

You should ask yourself how important using embedded fonts really is for
your site. Is this for cosmetic purposes, stylish decoration or is
embedding fonts really adding value, fonctionality, accessibility,
usability, etc.. to your site?

I used to support/advocate embedding webfonts myself but I've
relativized the issue since then.

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