Making Site Opaque -- This Strategy Feasible?

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Subject: Making Site Opaque -- This Strategy Feasible?
Posted by:  Prisoner at War (prisoner_at_w…
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008

I want to have a link, which when clicked, makes the whole page
"opaque" -- it would look as if the click brought up a veil over the
screen (say, 75% opacity).

I'm thinking it would be possible to somehow use CSS and/or JavaScript
to run different 1KB .png files of varying opacities, stretched to
cover the whole screen, in quick succession in order to produce a
"lightening" or "fade-off to white" (fade-"off" and and not *totally*
fade-out) effect.

Is that technically feasible?  Might there be a better way of
achieving the same effect, without calling up different .png files
(even though they'd be really tiny)?

I get the sense that it should be possible...but I'm really not sure
what's "available" vis-a-vis the DOM, much less which "elements" of it
to draw together in what ways!

Again, the strategy is that an onClick would call forth a function
that runs through a series of .png files, as if in an animation, and
these files would be stretched to cover the whole screen, and these
files are such that they make it look like the screen's being veiled.
Possible??  (How???)

Then I would like to write new text on top,, it would be
like there are three layers: first the original webpage, then the
"veil" of .png, and finally new text over it all.

Makes sense?

TIA for any advice!!!