Problem with possibly duplicate content

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Subject: Problem with possibly duplicate content
Posted by:  TheBicyclingGuitarist (Chr…
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011

About twenty years ago I published a couple story albums of my
original songs with R Band. These have their own lyrics pages on my
web site, and the bread crumb navigation follows their path from the R
Band Story albums.

Now, I am about to release an album of fourteen of my best songs from
the past thirty years, including eight from the R Band years. The
problem is these songs are in a different order, with other songs on
the album, and the original lyrics pages with their introductions and
breadcrumb navigation trails do not match the new introductions and
new breadcrumb navigation for the new album song list. The previous
song and next song links also would be different on the old albums
versus the new one.

So, how should I do this? New pages with their own different URL for
the same lyrics but with different introductions, bread crumbs, and
previous and next buttons? Or should I have TWO sets of introductions,
breadcrumbs, and previous/next buttons for the songs that are on more
than one album? The older pages also are in a style I don't want for
the new album. How will this affect the search engines?