Insert table cell with CSS?

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Subject: Insert table cell with CSS?
Posted by:  John A. (
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003

Hello all!

I've got a big bunch of pages using tables for layout. Eventually I'll
get them set up with more modernized code, but in the meantime I'd
like to slip in a little quick holiday decoration. I'd like to insert
a table cell with a fixed width (as much as such things can be fixed)
and a repeating garland background so as to show up along the left
side of the table, repeating down its length.

Our site has a couple thousand static pages, generated from a database
& a couple dozen templates.  A couple years ago I did this with an
alternate version of the template set, but to bring all that up to
date with the changes made since would be far from trivial. I'd like
to be able to just make a little code change to the templates that
would allow me to just change one file on the server in order to
insert the desired code on all pages on the site.

SSI would be ideal, but isn't an option as Apache 1.3 won't apply it
to the output of our shopping cart CGI script, and my hosting provider
is dragging its feet on an Apache 2.x upgrade which I hear could
handle it.

That leaves CSS as looking like the most likely candidate, so I'm here
asking for some learned advice.

I've looked at "before" and "content" as a possible basis, but I'm not
sure they can handle the tags & quotes that need to be inserted. Also,
browser support doesn't seem all that great.

Can anyone suggest a solution that can insert the needed code, be
easily switched to inserting absolutely nothing later on, and fail
gracefully on older browsers? (We still get NS3 hits, for crying out

Thanks for any insight!