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Subject: Re: AVOIDING CSS interfernce...
Posted by:  Neal (
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 2004

On Tue, 6 Apr 2004 10:22:07 -0400, Mel <mehra.hera…> wrote:

> i need to display a file within my application "AS IS" without my CSS
> file
> interferring.
> i have the following all in one page:
>  my stuff (must use CSS)
>  their stuff (NOT using CSS)
> can this be done ? if so how
> is it possible to disable referals of CSS only for a portion of the
> displayed items ?


Let me rephrase the question, and tell me if it's the same thing you're

You want some items in the HTML document to be unaffected by the linked or
imported CSS, and to display solely according to the UA's default

You can certainly change the style in a classed div to match typical UA
rendering, but I don't know of any method to suddenly make certain
elements no longer observe the cascade.

If their stuff is all in one div, you can id that div, and put all other
content within other id'd divs. Say #header, #navig, #content and then
#theirstuf. In the CSS, instead of saying h2 {color: #594afe;} say #header
h2, #navig h2, #content h2 {color: #594afe;}. Perhaps in your situation
you can arrange it so it's not as involved as that.

And of course, if their stuff has no h2's you can style them in the CSS

I don't like this solution and await other responses.



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