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Subject: Re: Trouble at ????
Posted by:  Arne (arne.lur…
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004

Lesley wrote:

> Hi
> I'm using the online validator to check out my style sheet for
> conformance to CSS2.
> I've loaded the style sheet up to the site and when I used the
> validate by URI option I got an error.
> So I did a number of things.
> 1. Repeated the upload process for the style sheet and checked again.
>    Still the same result.
> 2. Used the File Upload option and got a
> "Target: No file
> I/O Error: You have send an invalid request. "
> in response.
> 3.  Used the Advanced File Upload option on the same file and marked
> for All Warnings.
>    Got
> "No error or warning found
> To work as intended, your CSS style sheet needs a correct document
> parse tree. This means you should use valid HTML.
> "
>    and the css file I expected to see.
> 4.  Tried it with Normal report warnings and got the same as in 3.
> 5.  Also tried the file in the area I put things to upload them; as
> opposed to the area I work on stuff in with the same results.
> Anyone else experiencing this problem?
> I'm no css guru but does this mean the style sheet validates or
> not???? (
> Confused and worried ....

As Els says, the style.css validates. But you have couple of minor
errors on the pages, So if you don't mind, I mention it so you can
make corrections if you like. :-)

Both W3C-buttons links to the same validator page ( css validator).
Clicking on those links you get your web page validated for CSS, not
the CSS file. Not wrong with CSS validating web pages, as there
actually is some CSS there also in most cases. But I belive that was
not what you wanted? :-)

Validating the page for CSS, gives however two parse errors (line 58
and line 59 for "mirago".

Validation results for the CSS-file is here (not at the link you have
on the page)

BTW: "This site is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox" is really funny :-)
Not that I suggest to anybody to have sutch information on their site,
but as used to se those "best viewed in IE" on thousends of websites
it's fun to see someone give something back to the IE users! :-)

But please, drop the Firefox part. The site works in all Mozilla
browsers LOL!



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