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Subject: font-size starting size
Posted by:  James Moe (jmm-list.TRSPAM…
Date: 4 Jun 2004

  I just joined this group and saw the discussion "What do you think of
resizing 1em to 10px?" I am somewhat confused by what y'all think should be
used as a reference size.
  I was surprised that someone actually suggested ems as a reference. Ems
are relative to a selected point size, the width in points of a capital M.
If no point size is given, what size does an em become? The browser
obviously must decide.
  Also setting the body text to 62.5% is, well, stupid. % of what? I should
*assume* 16 pixels? Bad thinking. And not my experience with browsers.

  Using pixels does not scale very well at all. Text look quite large on a
17" 800x600 monitor, and quite small on a 20" 1600x1200 or 17" 1400x1050.
  Our site recently changed from using hard-coded pixel settings to
assigning a default body text size in points and using % to set the other
sizes up or down. It has a more consistent look that way on displays of
different physical dimensions and resolutions.
  I used "font-size=11pt" to define the reference size (which on my display
here is about 16 pixels). It is, of course, not very exact; it depends on
the browser and the display system to decide on what represents 1 point
(1/72 inch).

  So after all that.... What is considered good practice for the base font

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