float/clear problem

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Subject: float/clear problem
Posted by:  Florian Brucker (to…@torfbold.com)
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004


I've got a problem with float & clear. Take this example code:

<div style=" width:100px; height:100px; background-color:#FF0000;
float:left; margin:10px;"></div>
<span style="clear:left;">This is some text</span>

In Mozilla 1.6 the span still floats around the image on the left side
(as if there wasn't a "clear" option). When I use

<h1 style="clear:left;">This is some text</h1>

instead of the span it works as it should (using the h1 without the
clear-option gives the right result, too, the heading floats around the
image on the left side).

Is this behaviour correct (according to the specification)? If yes, how
can I achieve the desired result (the span acting like there was a <br
clear="all"> infront of it)?

Thanks for any hints,