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Subject: Re: CSS Table Replacement Question
Posted by:  Mark Tranchant (ma…
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004

Dave wrote:

> Hi,
> Hopefully someone can help with my little problem.  I am looking to
> have replace a common table but am having trouble with the alignment.

>             <div class="label">Total for 2004-04-10 :</div>
>             <div class="data">12.25</div>
>             <div class="monthLabel">June Information:</div>
>             <div class="label">Expected :</div>
>             <div class="data">200</div>
>             <div></div>
>             <div class="label">minus Worked :</div>
>             <div class="data">150.00</div>
>             <hr>
>             <div class="label">Balance :</div>
>             <div class="data">50.25</div>

This is tabular data. Use a <table>. <table>s are only evil when used
for layout; they are the correct element for presenting tabular data.

Your proposed solution replaces the perfectly good table with a hideous
<div> hack that is inappropriate. What happens if the user's UA doesn't
have CSS support?




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