Firefox ignores CSS "width" property?

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Subject: Firefox ignores CSS "width" property?
Posted by:  mlan… (Mario T. Lanza)
Date: 4 Jul 2004

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I have a form that has mnay input fields.
Before each input field is a label enclosed in custom LABEL tags.
Inside my CSS I have:

width: 120px;

In Internet Explorer this is recognized and each input floats in a
nicely aligned column with all other inputs.  In Firefox the LABEL
will not maintain the width.  It collapses to the exact size of the
inner text.  I have changed other properties inside the LABEL
definition and they are applied.

What's the deal!?  All my forms in Firefox are messy, while in IE they
appear nice and neat, all inputs lined up.

Mario T. Lanza
Clarity Information Architecture, Inc.