CSS Headers / Footers on Printout ????

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Subject: CSS Headers / Footers on Printout ????
Posted by:  Rupe (rupert.alexand…@virgin.net)
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004

Hi CSS gurus!

I have an embarassing problem.

I am a php programmer and I try to expound the advantages of css on the php

However, after telling someone that they should use css to solve their
problem, I am having trouble coming up with the goods! + I would like to
know the answer too.

I am sure this is a common task: how do you get headers and footers onto a

For instance, a box is formatted to A4 width and takes more than a page to
print. How do you get the box to 'page break' add a footer and a header and
resume printing the box, with borders etc. intact?

Is it possible with css1 (or at least a good proprtion of browsers).

Any help greatly appreciated.