Please critique a page with drop down menu, drop char, etc.

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Subject: Please critique a page with drop down menu, drop char, etc.
Posted by:  Haines Brown (brow…
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004

I've implemented the horizontal drop down menu discussed recently in
this newsgroup, and it works nicely under Galeon and Mozilla, but
not IE 5.0.

Here are the problems:

Under IE 5.0, the there is no drop down menu functionality at all.

I wanted to implement an alternative stylesheet for IE, but my
link to it is apparently broken. What is wrong with my link? I'd
rather use this method to reference a local set of styles defined for
IE, but don't know if that can be done.

In galeon and Mozilla, the initial "D" in the text paragraph is styled
to be large and red. But in IE, it appears as a normal D. Any idea why?

I enlarged initial letters of the main menu heading works to be
x-large. In IE, they appear much larger than that (200% larger rather
than only 25% larger). Is there a way to correct this inconsistency in
the main style definition, or must I rely on a set of IE styles to
adjust the size?

In the search facility, I have the text input field set to size=40. In
IE, it is about 25% smaller than that, even though both should inherit
the "smaller" font size as the basis for calculating "40".

My aim is to have a red line at the bottom of the 640 pixel-wide body
area, but in IE the line extends across the entire window. Unclear why
this is happening.

The drop down menus cross over this line. That does not both my eye,
but do you find it offensive?

I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to improve the overall

      Haines Brown