Help with onmouseout and layers, please.

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Subject: Help with onmouseout and layers, please.
Posted by:  Sugapablo (ru…
Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2005

I have a DIV that becomes visible when a link above it is moused over.

The DIV has links in it like so:

<div class="popup" onmouseout="hideLayer(this);">
    <a class="popuplink" href="page1.html">Link 1</a><br/>
    <a class="popuplink" href="page2.html">Link 2</a><br/>
    <a class="popuplink" href="page3.html">Link 3</a><br/>
    <a class="popuplink" href="page4.html">Link 4</a><br/>

When you mouse out of the div, it goes back into hidden.  But as soon as I
touch any of the links, it hides, thinking I've left the DIV.

Now, I'm assuming this is a z-index layer issue, but I've tried every
combination of things I could think of to prevent the mouseout action when
mouseing over one of the links.

I tried setting div.popup's z-index higher than a.popuplink's, lower than
a.popuplinks, and the same as.  (I did set each to a position as well.)

What am I missing?