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Subject: Table behavior Old Way upgraded to CSS
Posted by:  Giggle Girl (missgig…
Date: 1 Feb 2006

I have a table that works nicely using a combo of old school HTML and
some CSS.  I need to keep using tables (due to other code on the
serverside), but would love to get cellpadding, cellspacing and border
in the TABLE tag to be replaced with a single class, while keeping the
same overall behavior.

Here is the current code:

  <table height="27" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0">
      <td class="table1_corner_top_left"><!-- Shape Holder --><img
src="../images/dot_blank.gif" width="8" height="23" alt=""></td>
      <td class="table1_top_sliver" width="100%"
      <td class="table1_top_sliver" rowspan="2"
      <td class="table1_corner_top_right"><!-- Shape Holder --><img
src="../images/dot_blank.gif" width="7" height="23" alt=""></td>
      <td class="table1_left_sliver"><!-- Shape Holder --><img
src="../images/dot_blank.gif" width="8" height="4" alt=""></td>
      <td class="table1_main_bg_color"><img
      <td class="table1_right_sliver"><!-- Shape Holder --><img
src="../images/dot_blank.gif" width="7" height="4" alt=""></td>

What class properties will keep this table behaving the same way?

I tried:

<table height="27" class="Main_Table">


     padding: 0;
     border: 0;
     border-collapse: collapse;

But I couldn't find a replacement for cellspacing, AND, the whole thing
started getting distorted (where I am using background images).

Is this an instance where I should stick with the Old School HTML way?