What's so terrible about absolute positioning?

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Subject: What's so terrible about absolute positioning?
Posted by:  Alan Silver (alan-silver@nospam.thanx.invalid)
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006


Having been a light reader of this ng for a few months now (after
several years absence), I have noticed that absolute positioning seems
to be considered a Very Bad Thing around here. Generally, when someone
posts a question about a design that uses it, they are told not to.

Now, in my ignorance, I don't see what's wrong with it, when used
sensibly. Let me say straight off that I am *not* talking about trying
to produce pixel-perfect designs, that's not what the web is for

As an example of what I mean, suppose you wanted a three-column layout,
with the left and right columns fixed width (in em or %), and the middle
column fluid. It looks like you could do this really easily with
absolute positioning. You could fix the position of the left and right
columns, and give the middle one margins to suit. Seems very robust and
simple to me.

Now, given that I'm *no* expert in this, would anyone care to comment on
this? There must be some reason why people don't like absolute
positioning, unless the negative reaction is against people trying to do
pixel-perfect design. Comments?


Alan Silver
(anything added below this line is nothing to do with me)