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Subject: how to move <table *cols=2*> to css?
Posted by:  Gianni Rondinini (bugbarb…
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2006

hi all, i'm here again.
i couldn't find/understand this on w3c css2 recommendation and
documentation, then here i ask.

i decided to still use some tables in my pages for some forms. i
played around with divs and whatever else for some time, but getting
things done correctly across multiple browsers requires too much time.
with tables, things come pretty easy and, since i'm using these only
inside our company, this is 100% ok. i mean: for this application this
is the best and easiest way to do the things, even if i know there are
better ones.

i'm using css2 for colours, paddings, margins, sizes and so on because
of their flexibility and comfort when needing to change something.
being w3c-anything-compliant at the moment isn't important --even if
my pages are validated by w3c, just to loose few minutes to check.

i have some classes for tables and td's that i'm using for the tables
containing the forms; however, i couldn't understand how to specify
number of columns in the tables' classes.

i seem to understand that there is no attribute for a td class to tell
the browser that those cells needs to span over a number of columns
(or rows, sometimes), then that i have to keep the rowspan's and
colspan's inside the html.

in other words, i need the css "equivalent" for the attribute
"cols=xx" of a <table> tag and, if it exists (but i don't think so),
the css "equivalents" for the attributes "colspan=xx" and "rowspan=yy"
of a <td> tag.

as always, i'll appreciate any suggestion.

we're closed for holidays during these days, then i may not be able to
read your replies (and to thank you) until next week. i'll do my best
to use some online news service like google groups (even if with a
mobile it's all but easy here in italy :)


Gianni Rondinini (31, tanti, RA)
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