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Subject: IE font-size
Posted by:  Harris Kosmidis (
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2006

I have a site up and running ( I tested it with FF2 and
IE6 and works ok with some IE hacks.

Ok the CSS isn't good cause I started designing it with another look and
the customer ended up wanting a 3-column layout.

Now I see that IE7 mess things up. First of all there's a left margin
which I don't know why it exists. Secondly when I see the page the fonts
are way too big. I first had body{font-size:0.62em} but now changed it
to 11px. If I reload the page (in IE7) the fonts shows good. But why do
I have to reload? (I don't override the CSS with IE7).

Any help is appreciated.