Re: Web sites that discuss IE gotchas?

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Subject: Re: Web sites that discuss IE gotchas?
Posted by:  Neil Cherry (n…@cookie.uucp)
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006

I want to thank everyone for their help. I haven't figured out why
things aren't working with IE but are with Firefox but I have learned
that that inheritance is important. I've found that if I take
something that works (blocks of text and images, centered) and just
add it into an existing page they no longer work. I'm going to fall
back to solving the block centering problem first, then the page
layout with fixed divs (header, content and footer) and scroll bars
then the drop down menu issues.

I'm amazed at how many folks give examples of 'howto' and those
examples fail on a basic web page (inheritance from their style sheet
that they fail to mention). As with anything there is useful and
useless information on the web. I am thankful for the folks in this
newsgroup who help separate the wheat from the chaff. :-)

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