text-indent behaviour in firefox

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Subject: text-indent behaviour in firefox
Posted by:  Rob Hick (rsjhi…@googlemail.com)
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007

Hi All,

I'm slightly pulling my hair out here over using the text-indent css
property with a negative value to create a hanging indent.  I wondered
if you might have a look at the page (www.proofbars.co.uk/whatson.php)
- it works ok in IE but in FF unless there is more than one line of
text, the indent doesn't work.

Apologies for the slightly rubbish design - it's a stop-gap quicky
site and I'm a hobbyist (so go easy on me).

Not sure if it's relevant but it might be to do with the php I'm using
to determine which page we're on in order to color the navigation.
The reason I think that is that in the millisecond before the page
loads after you click one of the navigation options in FF, the display
corrects itself...

All help greatly appreciated, obviously.