background-image: url(images/whatever.jpg) a separate GET?

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Subject: background-image: url(images/whatever.jpg) a separate GET?
Posted by:  salmobytes (Sandy.Pittendri…
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007

Every img tag (<img src="xxx.jpg">)  in the html source represents a
GET roundtrip between client and server, no?

What about background images in css?
I'm starting to see more and more designs--coming from the
graphics design people--that call for ever increasing numbers of
repeat-x or repeat-y sliver-gradients as div backgrounds. Does each
background image require a separate GET to the server?
.....seems like it must.

And if so, lots of fancy css on a webpage will make for a chatty
which, among other things, will degrade performance on high
latency connections, like satellite dishes, etc.

Is there a javascript way to test load times on the client, so you
could test load times for different css schemes, layered over the
same html source?