Removing Inheritance for list-style-type

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Subject: Removing Inheritance for list-style-type
Posted by:  MP12 (mp…
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007

I've got a <div class="content"> which is within a <div id="main">

I'm finding that the ul and li values for the main div are being
inherited into the content div, in particular, the main div has a
'list-style-type: square' and I cannot get rid of it from the content
div, even though is set to 'list-style-type: none'

Is there a way to force a div class within a div id to not inherit
these values, or some other method to get around this?  I'm trying to
use a background image as a custom bullet on my content div but I'm
actually seeing two bullets - the background bullet, and the square
bullet from the parent div.

Thanks for any advice on this.